Expert Lecture Series

Personalize Your Medical Wellness & Lifestyle Presciption

This workshop is recommended for all participants of The Healthy Living Institute programs.

Program Description: An open discussion format

Instructor: Monique Giroux, MD

Frequency: Monthly

Program Goals:

  1. New participants will explore their healthy living needs and priorities to devleop their own personalized, balanced  and integrative lifestyle presciption.  
  2. Return participants will use the workshop to monitor their progress and stay on track.
  3. Group format and activities are designed to encouraged peer support.

Requirements: Pre-requisite homework required and can be downloaded here.

Disclaimer:  This workshop as well as other classes, events or programs delivered by The Healthy Living Institute is not intended to offer medical care or recommendations and should not substitute for medical treatment or advice. These programs are designed to educate, motivate and promote healthy living choices only. Participants must contact their doctor or healthcare provider for any treatment questions or concerns. You must submit a participation release form signed by your doctor and a liability waiver form before participation in any of our programs. 

Expert Lecture Series

Join us for our quarterly lecture series delivered by invited community health and healing experts.