About Us


The Healthy Living Institute is a non-profit organization started by Monique Giroux, MD to help people with chronic medical conditions live and feel better.  As a Neurologist and integrative medicine specialist, Dr. Giroux witnessed first-hand how positive lifestyle choices and personal attitude resulted in better treatment response.  Despite this, few people had access to the support and programs needed to make and sustain these choices.

The Healthy Living Institute provides lifestyle and medical wellness programs for people that live in Northern Colorado as well as an online information, motivational tools and support for any person wanting to focus on a healthier lifestyle.


  • Medical Wellness Center with an integrative and balanced focus allowing participants to design a personalized and balanced wellness program- integrating mind, body and spirit.
  • Ongoing classes and workshops to keep you going and gain support from others.
  • Focus on lifestyle, personal habits and behaviors for lifelong result
  • All programs are evidence based programs grounded by medical research and not the latest fad.
  • We strive as a non-profit is to offer services to people regardless of their ability to pay. We do depend on the generous support of our members and the community to fund this challenge.
  • Our goal of partnering with the medical community means we will work and consult with healthcare providers to bring wellness programs that best fit their patients needs. We do not offer medical care and medical treatment advice.