Our Lifestyle Instructors

Monique Giroux, MD
Nancy Quick, PhD
Sierra Farris, PAC

Shauna Runchey, MD

Sherrie Robbins

Our Bloggers

Cheri Clampett, CYT, ERYT-500. Tpoics: Yoga, Mind-Body, Self Healing

Marianne Delaney, PTA.  Topics: Exercise

Cara Dobbertin, DPT. Physical Therapist. Topics: Exercise, Physical Therapy

Sierra Farris, PAC. Neurology Physician Assistant and Clinical Exercise Physiologist. Topics: Clinical exercise, Medical fitness, Inspiration, Neurologic disease, Deep Brain Stimulation 

Monique Giroux MD. Neurologist and Integrative medicine specialist. Topics: Disease and health, Medical Wellness, Brain Science, Mind-Body Medicine, Nutrition, Physiology, Inspiration

Blake Giroux, BSN. Nurse and Medical aid volunteer. Topics: Medical Wellness, Wellness and Culture

Renee Giroux. Organic Horticulturist. Topics:Holistic gardening, food production

Lisa Maxwell, MD General Surgeon

Brenna McGuigan, MS. Special Education. Topics: Disability. Motivational Learning and Education

Nancy Quick, PhD. Physical Therapist. Topics: Exercise, Physical therapy

Shauna Runchey, MD.   Internal Medicine and Endocriniology. Topics: Disease and health, Medical Wellness, Diabetes, Nutrition, Physiology

Danielle Spivey, MST. Topics: Physical Therapist. Topics: Exercise, Physical Therapy

Mark Zarella, BS, RN. Nurse and Outdoor Enthusiast. Topics: Nutrition, Nature as Therapy, Medical Wellness

Michelle Zarella, BS, RN. Nutritionist and ER Nurse.  Topics: Nutrition, Emergency Medicine, Medical Wellness




Expert Lecturers

Monique Giroux, MD
Sierra Farris, PAC
Nancy Quick, PhD

Michelle Zarrella, BS, RN

Cara Dobbertin, DPT

Shauna Runchey, MD