Mediterranean diet- Here’s to your health

Mediterranean diet

What is the Mediterranean diet? Simply stated, the Mediterranean Diet is the standard diet eaten by people in the Mediterranean region.

The Mediterranean diet is:

  •  High in fruits and vegetables. Great source of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  • High in fish, nuts, seeds and beans as protein.
  • Low in animal protein and high in plant protein. Meat is limited to just a few times a month. Fish, nuts, beans, lentils are eaten in its place.
  • High in fish. At least once to twice weekly.
  • High in whole grains.
  • Olive oil in place of shortening, margarine and other oils.
  • Garlic or other spices to liven the taste of food without added sugar, fat or salt
  • Glass of wed wine or purple grape juice if wine not best for you
  • Low in processed, pre-prepared food
  • Clean food, eating close to the earth

Remember the Mediterranean diet is a lifestyle choice not a fad.  Exercise and physical activity is part of this healthy lifestyle.

Author: Monique Giroux, MD

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