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Message from Monique Giroux, MD

Monique Giroux, MD

Welcome to the Healthy Living Institute

Dear Wellness Member,

After years of taking care of people with chronic and often disabling illness I have decided to take what I have learned and focus on a new model of healthy engagement-one with a focus on the person and not the disease, on wellness instead of illness, and empowerment and resiliency instead of acceptance.

I am a Neurologist and integrative medicine specialist who has spent my life’s career caring for people with chronic illness. My mission is to empower people to live their best and provide hope in the face of medical illness through positive lifestyle change. Yet this can be hard if you have a chronic condition that can cause problems such as depression, pain, fatigue, movement difficulties, time and financial challenges.

Medical treatment is not enough.  Self-healing is equally important. Health and well-being will improve with the hope, strength, resiliency, and self-confidence that can improve with a pro-health lifestyle. We need your help to support our programs and participants, volunteer or fund healthy living programs that improve health.

As a physician who has dedicated her life to care for others, I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with people in a broader and more effective way to reduce suffering. I am equally grateful to our volunteers, sponsors and committee members that have pledged their support.

I am excited about how The Healthy Living Institute will change the lives of people living with chronic illness- and perhaps the way we our medical colleagues view their patients.

I look forward to working with you in support of your journey towards personal healing and healthier living.
Best of health,

Monique Giroux MD, Executive Director

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